About Connie

First as a midwife and now as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and founder of Central Family Practice (est 1998), Connie has been caring for women for more than half of her life.  Her personal and professional mission has always been to help women find their individual path in life and health.  What do we want?  What is the right path for us?  She started Central Family Practice with that goal in mind.  

We all have a unique point of view, we all have our basic nature that we carry into this life that impacts the way we respond to life and molds our journey. There is always a next right step  if only we could figure it out …. 

Lasting change is not easy, it is not quick. It takes a sense of humor and dogged determination to stick around long enough to see what is revealed.  The approach to our habits, the mental game of finding our way has to be our own unique path, but it does not happen in a vacuum. Most women thrive in community.  Creating community around personal change is a very meaningful part of Connie’s work as well as  part of her own journey, and she feels strongly that we need each other now more than ever.

The Ride the Wave habit change program is born from what Connie saw was missing from health care and women's lives in general. That missing piece is non-judgmental community, science-based guidance, and a daily, weekly  personal  commitment to create space in our life for habits that work for us. How do we find that path for ourselves? Once we do, how and why do we stay on it?  Lasting change happens by  coming back over and over to ourselves until we find our way.