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Ride The Wave Program

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Our program offers you the research-based tools and practices we use to help solve the most common challenges we see everyday with our patients and health-coaching clients. You will learn how to create new healthy habits that fit into your actual, real life (otherwise, they don’t work in the long run). We will make sure to cultivate self-compassion as we build these new habits and share strategies for what to do when motivation is lacking. 

You will discover nurturing stress management techniques and learn how to build Your Personal Toolbox to support sleep, blood sugar balance and circadian rhythms so they are working in sync to assist in health, healing and weight management. 

One of our favorite parts of the program is that we help you build the healthy habits of your choosing and teach you techniques useful for all seasons of life. The course wraps up with a focus on integrating body, heart, and mind to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom.


Each week you will receive a 15-minute audio teaching to listen to at your convenience. You will then meet virtually once per week with our other program members for an hour discussion group led by Connie.

DATES: To be announced soon! Starting Spring 2023.

TIMES: Discussion groups gather virtually every Thursday at 5:30pm.

Scholarships are available! Reach out to us at for more information.

What you'll come away with:
  • A Personalized Healthy Habits Action Plan for 2023
  • 10 Research-based Strategies To Ensure You Stick with Those New Healthy Habits. 
  • Strategies for Prioritizing Self-compassion and Self-care (as you recover from the holiday season)
  • A Deep Understanding of Hormones and the Role They Play in Your Daily Life and Vitality - no matter what age you are
  • Game-changing Stress Management Techniques
  • Practices to Help You Reconnect With Your Inner Wisdom (and guide you through 2023) 
  • A Nutrition Tune-up that includes:
    • Our Quick Food-Prep Guide/Easy Ways to Incorporate More Veggies
    • 50 Healthy Snack/Small Meal Ideas to help control cravings, balance blood sugar and stop weight gain.
    • How To Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier/Lunchbox Survival Guide (for moms)

Please note: you do NOT need to be a patient of Central Family Practice to join.

Reminder that this program does not diagnose or treat illness and is not a substitute for medical care. It is not a therapy group nor is it HIPPA compliant. All information shared by participants during community sessions is confidential and is not to be discussed outside of the program.

About Your Coach

Connie Ryan

First as a midwife and now as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and founder of Central Family Practice, Connie has been caring for women for more than half of her life. 

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