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Join us for a free intro sessions of our Ride The Wave Program this Fall on November 9th at 1pm (for 45 minutes)! 

We’re excited to introduce you to our program, which combines research-based tools and practices with guidance and group support to help solve the most common challenges to self care we see everyday. We will meet twice a month starting in 2024 on Zoom to build community, and personal accountability. You will learn how to create new healthy habits that fit into your real life. Most of us know what to do. We all have difficulty with long term execution of an effective plan. This is a solution to find your way and stay focused.
You will start in the very first class to identify one specific habit you want to change. We will share research and strategies on habit formation as well as examples from Connie and Julie about what we find works. You will learn how to choose a specific enough habit to be successful. For example: “I am going to exercise more” vs “I am going to put on my walking shoes 3 times a week after dinner and walk for at least 1 minute”. It is less daunting to take on one specific small goal. Success can be yours! Even if your plan is a complete flop, you still learn from that flop and the next plan is even more tuned in to what will personally work for you. So the “flop” becomes a success.
Along the way we will weave in how hormones and stress affect us and all the tips and wisdom that Connie has under her sleeves from 45 years of caring for women of all ages.
You will discover nurturing stress management techniques and learn how to build Your Personal Toolbox to support hormones, sleep, blood sugar balance and circadian rhythms so they are working in sync to assist in health, healing.
One of our favorite parts of the program is that we help you build the healthy habits of your choosing and teach you techniques useful for all seasons of life.
Throughout the course we maintain a focus on integrating body, heart, and mind to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom. We will make sure to cultivate self-compassion as we build these new habits and share strategies for what to do when motivation is lacking.

Please note: you do NOT need to be a patient of Central Family Practice to join. 

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